Master Oogway: Earth And Other Worlds (CD/LP)

139,00 kr

It is with great pleasure we can introduce a new name to our roster. Master Oogway are four young musician aged between 23 and 26. They met at the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2015 with a common desire to play vibrant, improvised music with strong themes and room for spontaneity at a high energy level. Like many players on the young, Norwegian progressive jazz scene their instrumental skills are already highly developed. "Earth And Other Worlds" is the quartet´s second album, their debut was released on the Clean Feed label in 2018. Their new effort is more dynamic and varied and shows more mature and accomplished songwriting, not to mention the stronger group interactions and the impressive solo stretches from sax player Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvoll and guitarist/composer Håvard Nordberg Funderud. It´s possible to place them in the same musical landscape as Bushman´s Revenge or Kokofant, but they are already in possession of a vital and personal signature, with a general approach and attitude that comes with a slightly stronger emphasis on jazz.

Released 17.04.20