Espen Eriksen Trio: End Of Summer (CD/LP)

139,00 kr

After the highly successful "Perfectly Unhappy" album with Andy Sheppard, the trio is back with a new album featuring seven brand new songs from the pianist. Captivating and lyrical, always melodic, often melancholic and uplifting at the same time, these are all real tunes. After 10 years, four albums and regular touring on four continents, the trio is tighter than ever and have reached an almost telepathic level of interplay.
"End Of Summer" was recorded in Oslo in April during lockdown. After getting all their concerts cancelled because of the pandemic, Espen says it was very inspiring to still be able to meet in a recording studio to make new music and keep it all alive. This being their first recording in five years as a trio, Espen is also keen to stress that the collaboration with Andy was not a one-off and that the plan is to "continue working together for a very long time".

Released 25.09.20