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RLP2184 - Hedvig Mollestad Trio: Evil In Oslo (2LP)

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Classic double live album in a great gatefold sleeve courtesy of Kim Hiorthøy.
The white vinyl edition is a one off pressing limited to only 100 copies.

If "Black Stabat Mater" can be seen as moving into new terrains, then "Evil In Oslo" can serve as a summing up of the previous years, although there is also a clear link between the albums. While the nine live performances presented here all come from their first three studio albums, most are lenghty workouts again showing Hedvig as a very confident and accomplished solo guitarist. Recorded at Oslo clubs John Dee and Buckley´s, "Evil In Oslo" is simply a kick ass live album (never thought we´d ever use that expression, but there you go), with a very high level of musicianship and a perfect balance between freedom and discipline. These hi-res recordings capture both the energy level and all the details in a marvellous way, and this is simply a must have for all HMT fans! Alternatively, it´s the perfect introduction for the curious newcomer. Liner notes by the Richard Williams.

Released 03.06.16